Tuesday 21 May 2019

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Key Contacts

We are here to help members of the OKS Association. To contact us please email oks@kings-school.co.uk or click on the names below.


OKS Association Officers

Association President

David Peters

(SH 1965-69)

Association Vice-President

Ben Reid

(MR 1994 – 1999)

Association Vice-President

Millie Jessel

(HH 2005 – 2010)

Association Hon. Treasurer

Tim Adams

(TR 1994 - 1999)

Association Hon. Secretary

Chris Jackson

(KSC Common Room 1969 - 06)

OKS Office

OKS Coordinator

Communication and Recruitment

OKS Coordinator

OKS Events & Publications

Elaine Lynch

OKS Information Officer

Rhys Hughes


OKS Committee 

The OKS Committee meet once a term, twice in London & once back in Canterbury. If you would like to see a copy of any of the minutes or get involved, please get in touch with the OKS team

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