Thursday 18 August 2022

Visiting King's

OKS and former staff are always welcome to visit King's. 

To comply with Child Protection Legislation, we ask that you kindly complete the form below to book your visit. You can also drop into the OKS Office (Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm), email or call to arrange your visit. The OKS Office is on the immediate left as you enter the Mint Yard Gate.

Visitor Policy

All visitors to the School need to scan the QR code which is displayed at the Mint Yard Gate and at the Porters' Lodge at St Augustine's. 

All visitors are required to wear a visitor’s lanyard at all times whilst on site. These are available at Mint Yard Gate.

During Term Time

OKS visitors during Term Time require a member of School staff to accompany them. No visitor(s) shall be granted access unless by prior appointment or unless accompanied by a member of staff due to Child Protection Regulations.

During the School Holidays

During the School holidays, exceptions can be made for OKS visitors to be granted access without being accompanied around the School grounds only.


Please notify us about your visit by filling in the form below or emailing


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