Tuesday 21 May 2019


King's Week OKS SWimming Gala

For the last few years, a sporting feature of King's Week has been the OKS swimming gala, when the OKS and staff compete against the School! County champions, school swimming captains, and team members both past and present compete.  Events include a timed handicapped event and a family relay. 

The 2018 Swimming Gala took place on Sunday, 1st July, and saw a nail biting competition which resulted in a tie! The chosen charity for 2018 was the Ocean Conservancy.

The 2019 Swimming Gala will take place on Sunday 30th June, at 11am. 

For further details & to get invovled, please contact  Pam Murray .

OKS Masters swimming

The School would like to offer OKS the opportunity to swim under King's colours as a masters swimmer. 

Masters swimming is open to any adult aged 18 or over and allows everyone, whatever your fitness, ability or experience, to train and, for those that want to, compete at masters swimming competitions which vary from local to national and world! 

If you are intrigued by the idea of swimming with the OKS under King's colours and enjoying the social aspects of OKS Swimming, then please contact Miss Yolanda Speare (Head of Swimming) for further details. 


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