Saturday 27 February 2021


Membership is open to all members of the OKS Association. 


The OKS Golfing Society was formed in the 1950's and currently has about 100 members.

The Society has about a dozen events during the year. These include the Halford Hewitt, Grafton Morrish and Cyril Gray Public Schools Competitions, Spring and Autumn Meetings, matches against other Public School Golfing Societies and a match against the School.

Golfing Reports

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Fixture List

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Membership costs £25 per annum, payable by standing order on 1st April.

This cost is levied to cover administration, entry to the Public Schools' Competitions and assistance for Young Golfers,* and minor subsidy for other members at specified meetings. The latest list of members, updated annually, can be found on the Golfing Reports page.  

Golfing Society Standing Order Form
Golfing Society Application Form

*Those golfers 30 years or younger on 1st April in the current calendar year.

Membership Application Form 


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