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Rules of the OKS Association 

Adopted 30th July 1928
Amended 8th March 1974
Amended 21st March 1986
Amended 4th March 2003
Amended 24h April 2009


These Rules were adopted at a meeting of O.K.S. convened to consider proposals for forming an O.K.S. Association, and held at the King's School on 30th July 1928.  The following resolution was passed by Members of the Old Cantuarian Exhibition Fund (the "Bursar's Fund" or "O.K.S Fund"): - 

"O.K.S. present at this meeting whose names are on the Bursar's list as Members of the Old Cantuarian Exhibition Fund approve of the scheme outlined in the circular of 30th May 1928, and in Draft 'Rules of the O.K.S. Association' now before the meeting and resolve that, with the object of offering greater assistance to the School and of strengthening the links of fellowship between Old King's Scholars, their existing organisation and membership be merged in the suggested Association and that accordingly the funds and membership of the Old Cantuarian Exhibition Fund be forthwith transferred to the proposed Association if the draft rules or any amendment thereof are approved by the Meeting".

The rules were then approved by the meeting and the O.K.S. Association was formed. Subsequently the rules were amended as noted above.

1. The Association shall be called the OKS Association.


2. The Objectives of the Association shall be:

(i) To keeps members in touch with the King's School, Canterbury and with each other.

(ii) To assist the School in the furtherance of its interests.

(iii) To keep and from time to time publish a Register of OKS.

(iv) To conduct OKS dinners and other events.

(v) To circulate information regularly on OKS activities and to maintain a website.


3. The Association will consist of Ordinary Members, Life Members and Honorary Members.

4. Ordinary Members and Life Members shall be OKS, that is to say, men and women who have been educated at The King's School, Canterbury. Life Members also means any person who has been educated at the Junior Kings School only and makes payment of the current life subscription at the time of joining. Throughout these Rules, the words 'he', 'him', 'his' shall be deemed to include 'she', 'her' and 'hers'.

5. Honorary Members shall be those who are invited by the Committee to become Honorary Members, namely:

(i) The present and former Headmasters or Headmistresses of the King's School, Canterbury and of the Junior King's School.

(ii) Members of the Common Room of the King's School, Canterbury who have given ten years' 0service to that school and members of the Common Room of the Junior King's School who have given ten years' service to that school.

(iii) Such other persons, being members of staff at the King's School, Canterbury or the Junior King's School or having a close association with or attachment to either school as the Committee shall choose to so invite.


6. The Officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice- President(s), an Honorary Auditor, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Solicitor and such Assistant Honorary Secretaries as the Committee shall appoint.  The President, Vice-President(s), Honorary Auditor, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Solicitor shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.

7. The Committee may from time to time appoint Members of the Association to be Assistant Honorary Secretaries or Local Honorary Secretaries in such places and, in either case, in such duties as the Committee may determine, and may in their discretion remove any such Secretaries.


8. The Committee shall consist of the Officers (other than the Honorary Auditor), and not more than ten other members, of whom at least three shall not have served on the Committee as elected members during the preceding year.  If it is necessary to create three vacancies at the Annual General Meeting the elected members of the Committee shall retire in order of seniority of service on the Committee.  If more than three elected members having the same seniority of service would be due to retire in any year, the decision on which of them shall retire shall, if necessary, be settled by ballot.

application for membership : subscriptions; compositions; privileges

9. OKS wishing to join the Association shall apply to the Honorary Secretary.

10. If the conduct of an applicant for membership shall, in the opinion of the Committee have been such as to make his membership of the Association injurious to the character and interests of the Association, they may at any time not exceeding six months from the date of the application for membership resolve not to accept such application and thereupon any monies paid by such applicant in respect of his application shall be returned to him.

11. There shall be sent to every applicant for membership, within one month of the acceptance of his application, a notice of such acceptance, together with a copy of these Rules, and, if he is an Ordinary Member, a request for the payment of his annual subscription.  Upon payment of such subscription, or if he is a Life Member of his composition fee, he shall become a Member of the Association and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership and be bound by these Rules.

12. The annual subscription of every Ordinary member shall be such sum as is recommended by the Committee and agreed by a majority at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose.  The current or financial year shall begin on every first day of October and end on every 30th day in September, and all annual subscriptions shall become due on the former date.

13. The first year's subscription paid by an Ordinary Member after he shall have left the School or after the end of the Lent Term of the financial year in which his application is made will be accepted and treated as a full subscription up to the 30th September of the following financial year.

14. The Committee shall have power if they shall deem fit and upon such terms and conditions as they shall think proper, to fix a composition fee by payment whereof an Ordinary Member may compound for all future annual subscription fees and become a Life Member of the Association.  When any such fee is fixed the amount and the conditions thereof shall be notified to the next General Meeting.

15. Honorary Members shall be bound by these Rules, and be entitled without entrance fee or subscription to all privileges of membership except that they shall not be qualified to vote as members or to claim any share of the property of the Association upon its dissolution.

16. There shall be sent to every Member notices of Meetings, Kings Week and Speech Day and OKS Events and a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts, including a short account of the proceedings at every General Meeting held during the past year, together with a list of new Members.  There shall also be sent to every Member from time to time at the discretion of the Committee any additional information regarding the Association or the King's School as the Committee may see fit.  The annual charge of The Cantuarian shall be such sum as shall be determined from time to time by the Committee.

resignation; removal

17. Any member wishing to resign shall do so by notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary, and provided that such member shall have paid all dues from him to the Association, including his subscription for the then current year, he shall cease to be a member from the date of receipt of the notice.

18. Any Ordinary Member who owes more than one year's subscription shall be liable to have his name removed from the list of members by the Committee (provided that not less than one month's previous notice in writing of the Committee's intention shall have been sent by post to him at his last known address), and upon such removal he shall cease to be a member; but the Committee may, if they think fit, restore him to membership at any time on receiving payment in whole or in part of the subscriptions due from him.

19. If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the character and interests of the Association, they may remove his name from the list of members (provided that they have sent by post to his last known address not less than one month's previous notice in writing of their intention and their reason therefore and have given to him a reasonable opportunity of being heard), and he shall thereupon cease to be a member.  If such a member is a Life Member, such part (if any) of this composition fee or payment under Rule 14 shall be returned to him as the Committee deem proper, having regard to the number of years which shall have elapsed since it was paid. 

20. Any member shall, upon ceasing to be a member, forfeit all claim upon the Association, its property and funds.

duties of officers

21. It shall be the duty of the Honorary Treasurer to receive and pay all moneys on behalf of the Association, to keep correct accounts and produce them to the Committee when so required, and to prepare an annual account which, shall be audited and shall form part of the annual report of the Committee.

22. It shall be the duty of the Honorary Secretary to make and keep proper minutes of all proceedings of the Association and of the Committee, to send out all notices required by these Rules, to keep a register of members of the Association and to conduct the general correspondence.

23. A member may be both Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer if a General Meeting shall so resolve.

24. There shall be an Honorary Auditor, who shall not be a Member of the Committee.  It shall be his duty to audit the annual accounts in time for its publication in the annual report.


25.  If a vacancy shall occur among the Officers or members of the Committee by retirement or otherwise, the Committee may appoint any member of the Association to fill the vacancy.  Any member so appointed shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for election as a member of the Committee at the meeting.  In case of the temporary absence of any Officer, the Committee may appoint one of their members to perform his duties during his absence.


26. An Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on such date and at such place and time as shall be fixed by the Committee.

27. At the Annual General Meeting:

(i) The Committee shall present a duly audited account and report of the transactions and of the general concerns of the Association.

(ii) The President, Vice-President(s), Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Solicitor, and Honorary Auditor for the ensuing year, and at least three members of the Committee, shall be proposed, seconded and elected. 

The Committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting and they shall do so forthwith upon the requisition in writing by any twenty members stating the purpose for which the meeting is called, and no other business than that specified shall be transacted at the Meeting. 

28. Notice of any General Meeting shall be sent to every member at least twenty one days before such meeting.

29.At any General Meeting:

(i) The Chairman shall be the President, or, in his absence, such member of the Committee as may be or has been nominated for the purpose by the  Committee or, failing such nomination, as the meeting shall appoint.
(ii) The Chairman's decision on any point of order shall be final.
(iii) Ten shall be a quorum.
(iv) Votes shall be taken by a show of hands, except that at the Annual General Meeting the election of members of the Committee may be by ballot.
(v) In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.


30. The general management of the Association and its finances and the consideration of applications for membership shall be entrusted to the discretion of the Committee.  The Committee may make donations from the funds of the Association for such purposes and of such amounts as they in their absolute discretion shall think fit.  The Committee may from time to time deposit such funds at interest with Banks, or other financial institutions as they in their absolute discretion shall think fit.   The Committee is also empowered to appoint an investment manager to manage the Association's investments along lines agreed with the Committee.  The investment manager will invest the Association's funds in a suitable, diversified portfolio of assets, including stocks and shares quoted on a recognised stock exchange, and authorised unit trusts.  The investment manager will act upon the instructions of the Committee who may request the Investment Manager to act at his discretion but within the Committee's guidelines, and will have the objective of maintaining the long term purchasing power of the capital and income against inflation, or such other objective as the Committee may determine for the benefit of the Association and its beneficiaries.  The investments will be registered in the names of the Association or an approved Nominee.

(a) Save as provided for by this Rule, no Officer or member of the Committee shall incur any pecuniary liability beyond that of accounting for any monies which may come into his hands.

(b) The Committee shall have power on behalf of the Association to enter into guarantees and indemnities, limited or unlimited.  Such guarantees and indemnities may be signed on behalf of the Committee by such Officers as are nominated in an appropriate resolution.

(c) The Committee shall have power, on behalf of the Association, to borrow money for the purposes of the Association in whatsoever manner it may determine provided that the amount for the time being remaining undischarged of money borrowed shall not exceed one-half of the accumulated funds as shown on the last published audited balance sheet of the Association.

32.The Committee may regulate their own proceedings as they shall think fit.  Unless otherwise provided, three members of the Committee shall be a quorum.

33.The Committee may from time to time as they think fit delegate any of their powers to sub-committees consisting of members of their own body with or without other persons, whether members of the Association or not.  Any such sub-committees shall, in the exercise of the powers so delegated, conform to any regulations that may be imposed upon them by the Committee.


34.The colours of the Association shall be red with white/blue stripes. The Committee may agree from time to time that specific sections of the Association may adopt their own colours being broadly similar in pattern.


35. If the Association is dissolved or discontinued, the balance of any funds or investments held by The Association after payment of all expenses shall be given to a charity or charities nominated by the last Committee.


36. These rules may be altered or added to at any General Meeting, provided that notice of the alterations or additions proposed has been inserted in the notice for such meeting and that the alterations or additions are approved by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting on the motion.