Saturday 18 September 2021

The Cantuarian

The Cantuarian is the magazine of The King's School, Canterbury. 

The Cantuarian was  first published in 1882 and has been published regularly ever since. With its publication covering over 136 years, The Cantuarian covers  a range of historical events such as the First World War, the Korean War and beyond. The magazine clearly depicts the rich history of The King's School and it's pupils, staff, and alumni.

The Cantuarian has seen a dramatic transformation since it's first publication. Starting as a plain text magazine, The Cantuarian now features high-quality glossy images and impressive graphics. It really is incredible to see how far the magazine has come - who knows what it will look like in 10 years time!

The Cantuarian Archive

Issues of The Cantuarian from 1882 onwards are now available to read online.

The Cantuarian has  been digitalized and uploaded to ISSUU - a magazine sharing website. You can now read and download issues of The Cantuarian for free, wherever you are.

To view The Cantuarian archive, please click here!


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