Saturday 28 November 2020

Virtually King's Week: OKS Submissions

In celebration of Virtually King's Week, we asked OKS to get involved and submit photographs of King's Week over the years. We also wanted to see art, music, and poetry that has been produced since leaving King's. We were delighted to hear so many positive and meaningful memories about King's Week past and present!

Here are the submissions that we received and would love to share:

Beverly Barnard (MR 1970-1974) sent us a copy of his first oil painting whilst at King's. He painted this in 1972 and told us 'I did not know much about mixing colours and I seem to remember listening to Pink Floyd!' 

Michael Law (WL 1973-1978)  shared musical memories of King's Week. In the first photo, taken in 1977, Michael is conducting music which was part of a production of 'The Clouds' (Aristophanes). The second photo was taken at the King's Week Jazz concert in 1980. Despite leaving King's in 1978, Michael returned several times to conduct pieces that he had written for the band named 'Swing 79.'

Simon Tonking (MO 1965-1971) submitted this great photo from King's Week 1970! Here, Simon is playing Dromio of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors.

Caroline Jane Li (BY 2007-2009) sent us her original poem 'Sundaes at Boho' which is a poem reminiscent of the days at King's and afternoons spent at a local coffee shop in Canterbury. To read the poem, please click here.

Kevin Newman (LX 1970-1975) is pictured here with Headmaster Mr. J Peter Newell and Mrs. Newell during King's Week July 1975. Kevin was Captain of School at the time. 

David Webster (GL 1955-1961) documented his time in lockdown by writing a poem, 'In the Time of Coronavirus.' From social distancing to unusually quiet traffic, David describes the new normal that we are all currently living. To read the poem, please click here.

Phil Kenworthy (MR 1978-1982) captured the hustle and bustle of Green Court during King's Week in 1982!

Pamela Duesbury  shared her poem 'Leisure - A Pleasure?' about coping and keeping busy after her husband Barry passed away. Barry Duesbury was Housemaster of Galpin's House 1987-1990 and taught English 1974-1990. To read the poem, please click here. 

Simon Crossley (MT 1987-1992) sent us these two wonderful photos from the last day of Summer Term, 1992.

Rosie Lewis (LX 2002-2004)  submitted her short poem 'The Cellist' which describes the internal thoughts of a cello player trying to play perfectly! To read the poem, please click here.

Steve Bree (Former Drama Technician at King's)  showed off his King's Week 2017 t-shirt as part of the Globally King's Week challenge set by King's pupils. Over the years, Steve has played an important role in Drama and the Arts at King's - helping with sound, lighting, and sets for a variety of performances. 

Tilda Emlyn-Williams (WL 2005-2010) perfectly captured the exhaustion, and friendships, as a result of King's Week in these two photos!

Jonathan Allday (Former Teacher and later Head of Science 1991-2004)  shared several photos of the Goon Show, a well-known British comedy that was often re-enacted during King's Week.

Alastair Turner (WL 1960-1965) shared this wonderful black and white photo of himself heading towards the Jazz Concert in 1965! Alastair is pictured with Captain of School Hugh Jackson (GL 1959-1965) , Susie Kendall (British actress), and Dudley Moore (actor and comedian).

Nicholas Gent (LN 1999-2004) submitted this fantastic photo as part of the 'Globally King's Week' challenge set by current King's pupils. In this photo, Nicholas is with Paul Gent (LN 1972-1976) , Abu Rahman (GL 1975-1978), and Katie Steibelt (HH 1999-2004).  They held up signs reading 'King's Week 2020' in front of Burj Khalifa, Dubai, which just happens to be the tallest skyscraper in the World!

Chris Walker (GL 1981-1986)  has kept the music alive during lockdown by continuing to perform (virtually!) with his band 'The Refugees.' In the video he sent us, he co-wrote the original song and is playing the guitar in the top left. Chris was a Music Scholar at King's and tells us that Dr. Mallion influenced his interest in blues and jazz. It was also thanks to Dr. Mallion that Chris was able to stage a few concerts at King's in the 80s! 

Ivo Neame (SH 1994-1999) is a pianist and composer and wanted to share his latest music video with his band. This piece is taken from his album Moksha which was released on Edition Records in 2018. The video has over 5,000 views and you can find more of Ivo's music on YouTube.

Ben Champion (MR 2010-2015) shared two tracks from his most recent EP which was released by Standard Tapes in 2020 under the name Robert Rhoades. You can listen to the EP below. Ben also shared memories from his many King's Week experiences. In the first photo, he is playing guitar in the King's Week Led Zepplin tribute band, 2015. Ben has worked, participated, and enjoyed 8 King's Weeks!

Stephen Matthews (Current Head of Academic Music at King's) also submitted his music for Virtually King's Week. Sonata for Cello and Piano op.105 was written for and premiered by Julia Vohralik (Cello Teacher) in 2000 and Stephen was delighted that Julia asked him to record it with her and submit it for this year's King's Week. Stephen said 'It was quite an experience meeting my 20-years younger self in this piece and I hadn’t remembered how challenging and virtuosic I had made the cello part not to mention some very tricky rhythms and chords too in the piano.' Listen to the three movements by clicking the links below.

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Stephen Matthews also collaborated with Andy Pollock (Violin Teacher at King's) and recorded Romance for Violin and Piano op.162 during lockdown. This piece was first created in 2015 when Stephen was approached by Vanessa Campion (Violin Teacher at King's)  who asked him to write a piece of violin and organ for her daughter's wedding. Stephen described the piece and the process behind writing and performing it:

Stephen Matthews (left) and Andy Pollock (right)

Click here to listen to Romance for Violin and Piano op.162

We would like to thank all OKS and Honorary OKS for their Virtually King's Week submissions! If you would like to see more photos and memories from King's, please join the OKS Facebook Group.

Take a look at all of the OKS submissions!

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