Virtually King's Week: How to Get Involved

This year, King's Week has gone virtual! Due to the ongoing pandemic, King's Week 2020 will be a collaborative online event: 'Virtually King's Week.'

There is a huge amount on offer this year, and although it is all online, each and every event will bring people together.

Some events require participation right now until Wednesday 24th June, whilst others are being rehearsed behind closed doors. 1st & 2nd July will welcome the great reveal! Each day will have a highlights show presented by King's pupils, and each day will host live quizzes and competitions. 

How do I get involved in the Challenges?

Please explore the Virtually King's Week website by clicking here. 

You'll see eight 'tiles,' each containing a category of challenges to get involved in:

When you click on a tile, you'll see all of the related challenges. For example, under Food & Pets, you'll find activities such as Bake Off, Cat Show and Dog Show. Here, you'll find the instructions for the challenge.

You can take part in  any  challenge that is open to everyone. When you click on the challenge, it will say whether it is open to OKS or not.

How do I upload my entry?

To upload your entry, please click the 'OKS' tile and upload it to the most relevant folder. If you have trouble uploading your entry, feel free to send it the OKS Office via email:


Our top picks:

Struggling to choose a challenge?! Here are some of our top picks. Click the titles to read more:

Dog Show  Compete against King's staff and pupils in the Dog Show 

Bake Off      Choose a category and photograph your bake! The judges will 'taste' your photos! 

Hot Potato  A video challenge with a twist. Help us pass the hot potato around the world!

Global King's Week  Take a photo of you with 'King's Week' clearly visible in an exciting location

Poetry  A chance for you to choose any topic and share your own poetry

Music  Share your music - original music and covers accepted!

Take part in virtual challenges!

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