Update on Rosie Campbell's Fundraising

Rosie Campbell, daughter of Andrew Campbell (MO 1967-72), has completed her epic 67 mile run in memory of her father.

In May, Rosie ran 67 miles in one day to raise money for her father who passed away on 28 September 2021 aged 67. She started her run at the gates of Meister Omers house at King's and finished at The Lanesborough Hotel on Hyde Park Corner - Andrew's favourite hotel in London. Not only did Rosie finish the 67 miles, but she finished a couple of hours ahead of schedule! 

Rosie also surpassed her fundraising goal (£30,000) and has currently raised over £33,900 for Cancer Research UK. Now, Rosie is organising an auction to raise furhter funds. 

If you would like to show your support, you can make a donation by following this link.

Above: Rosie outside Meister Omers House

Above; Rosie on her way to London 

Above: Rosie enjoying a well-earned cocktail at The Lanesborough (the final destination of her run)

You can read a tribute to Andrew Campbell in the OKS Spring 2022 Magazine or on the OKS website by clicking here.

Rosie has raised over £30,000

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