Theo Bamber stars in 'The Winslow Boy'

Theo Bamber (MO 2005 - 2010) will be performing at the Marlowe Theatre in a revival of 'The Winslow Boy'!

OKS Theo Bamber (MO 2005 – 2010) is currently starring in a brand new revival of Terence Rattigan’s classic family drama ‘The Winslow Boy'.

Having been expelled from the Royal Navy College for stealing a five-shilling postal order, young cadet Ronnie Winslow’s entire family are pulled apart by the repercussions of this charge. Based on a real-life event, The Winslow Boy is a courageous and often delicately humorous window into the class and political hypocrisy of Edwardian England.

The show has been touring since the beginning of February and is taking Theo back to his roots with the final shows in Canterbury at the Marlowe Theatre. We asked Theo to share his experience of being in the production and his thoughts on coming back to the Marlowe with us:

“It’s lovely for me to be back performing at The Marlowe as during my Remove year at King’s I was in the production of Les Miserables that we did here, all be it in the old theatre. It's very exciting to be stepping onto this new stage in such an impressive theatre, and in a city that holds so many wonderful memories for me. Terence Rattigan’s work has never had a particularly easy run of it; his work was initially very popular but then his plays fell out of fashion in the mid-20th Century, and it was only really after his death that his output started to be recognised and appreciated again. He writes with superb form, wit and directness and in a way that challenges his audience, but also has a brilliant capacity for humour. 'The Winslow Boy' is staggeringly progressive in the way that it tackles topics such as women’s rights and the power of the state, given that it was written in 1946, by a man, in a society where women were still very much the lesser sex and the country was still reeling from the effects of the Second World War.”

The Winslow Boy is running at the Marlowe from Tuesday 15 th May until Saturday 19 th May.

Theo Bamber (MO 2005 - 2010) will be performing at the Marlowe Theatre in 'The Winslow Boy'. 

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