Saturday 04 April 2020

The Cantuarian Archive is Back!  

After some downtime,  The Cantuarian  Archive is back and better than before!  The Cantuarian  archive is available to view on ISSUU - a magazine sharing and viewing platform. Issues from 1882 - 2018 have been digitalised and uploaded for all OKS to enjoy.

To view issues of  The Cantuarian  simply click here.

How do I find my years?

Once you have clicked the link above press 'CTRL' and 'F' buttons on your computer at the same time. A small search box should pop up. In this box, type in the year you want to find i.e. '1986'. This will highlight the issue from that year.

Can I search for a word in an issue?

All of the issues of  The Cantuarian  on ISSUU have been made readable - so that you can search an issue for any word. To search for a word, click/open the issue you want to search and click the magnifying glass with an 'A' inside of it (see below). This will allow you to search the whole issue for any word - you could for your own name, an old friends name and so on!

If you have any issues, please contact the OKS Coordinator.

Issues of The Cantuarian from 1882 onwards are now available online

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