Supporting Charities Oversea: Isabelle Power (JR 2003-2007)

More than ever, it is important to support charities. The current pandemic has disrupted fundraising and volunteer efforts around the world. However, there are still ways to support these vital charities. 

Isabelle Power, nee Ackers (JR 2003-2007) works for a charity called 'A Partner In Education' in Rwanda. The charity works alongside a local school, where volunteers provide teacher training sessions, film them and distribute the films to teachers across Rwanda so that they can benefit too. 

Sadly, however, this school has been affected by COVID-19 and schools in Rwanda are now shut until September. Due to the school model (where some parents pay fees and others do not) the teachers at this school now have no salary for 4 months (normally the equivalent of £200 a month) as parents cannot pay fees. Yet, the teachers are still providing lessons via WhatsApp.

Isabelle Power is raising awareness and encouraging donations, no matter how small, to help support teacher's salaries. Donations can be made here:  

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