Thursday 17 June 2021

Supermoon Above King's

Dr Fede Elias (Teacher of Physics at King’s) took these amazing photos of the Supermoon last night!

Here’s what he said about the photos:

“We can enjoy a supermoon when the full moon happens at the perigee of its orbit. The moon does not orbit around the Earth in a perfect circle, it is an elliptical orbit, and thus it is sometimes farther away and looks slightly smaller, and sometimes it reaches the closest point of approach, called the perigee, and looks bigger.

Some of you have asked me about the pink colour of the moon tonight, but I’m afraid this is just a misleading name that gets sort of viral in the news. The full moon of this month is called the pink moon in the USA because it happens when a certain moss (phlox) blooms with pink flowers. It will be just the usual white, only brighter. It looks yellowish in my pictures because it was low in the sky when I took them, so there was plenty of light absorption by the atmosphere.”

You can see more Astronomy photos taken by Fede by following his Instagram: @_watch.the.skies_

Check out the amazing photos!

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