Thursday 09 April 2020

OKS University Reunions: This Week!

Three of our OKS university reps have organised reunions for OKS who are currently studying at their universities. 

The reunions will take place this week, and all the details are below:

Please contact the OKS Coordinator at if you would like further information.


Tuesday 5th November, 19:30pm

New representative for Durham University, Tia Curtis (WL 2013-2018) will be meeting fellow OKS-Durham students at The Three Bridges Pub. 


Wednesday 6th November, 20:00pm

Camilla Roberts (LX 2012-2017) is looking forward to seeing OKS studying at Edinburgh at The Little White Pig Pub. For more details, please contact who will put you in touch with Camilla.


Thursday 7th November, 19:30pm

London representative Alex Choi (TR 2014-2019) will host his reunion at The Knight's Templar in London. As there a many London universities - this reunion is open to OKS studying at any university located in London. Details on the London reunion can be found by clicking here.

All three OKS university reps are looking forward to seeing as many OKS there!

Can't see your university? Don't worry! There will be more university reunions throughout the year.

You can see where our university reps are located by clicking here.

Three OKS university reps have arranged reunions, click to find out more.

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