Thursday 09 April 2020

OKS Reunion in Hong Kong

Calling all OKS in Hong Kong!

It's been a while since OKS in Hong Kong have got together, and so, the OKS Overseas Representative for Hong Kong, Chloe Mitchell (MT 2002-2007), has decided it would be nice to meet fellow OKS for a catch up.

The reunion will take place at The Envoy Bar, 3/F, The Pottinger, 74 Queens Road, Central on Saturday 21st September from 6pm.

As you may be aware, members of staff from King's visit Hong Kong every year as part of their recruitment process, therefore, also at the reunion will be several senior members of staff. This give a great opportunity to hear what's new at King's today.

Chloe hopes to see many OKS there to share memories and discuss life at King's and beyond! 

If you would like more details about the reunion, or to confirm your attendance, please email the OKS Coordinator by clicking here.

Join other OKS for a drink and chat at The Envoy Bar!

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