OKS Luca Pawson (MT 2011-2016): 'Fashion in Motion

Working with the Victoria and Albert Museum and their 'Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams' exhibition, Central Saint Martins ran a Dior-inspired tailoring project that sought to challenge contemporary notions of tailoring. The V&A then came to CSM to pick their favourite 20 outcomes to be part of their annual 'Fashion in Motion' catwalk show on Friday 8th February, which OKS Luca Pawson (MT 2011-2016)  was lucky enough to be a part of.

For his project, Luca used 'disruption' as a methodology. Taking cue from the perfectly tailored New Look silhouettes, he sought to disrupt classic tailoring elements by graphically redefining them. Confining Christian Dior's iconic full skirts into two-dimensions - interrupting the silhouette - against curves that use and flatter the shape of the body. His green blazer with inverted lapel and cut-in bow skirt detail, is interrupted with disrupted polka-dot pleated necklace skirt, worn only in the front.

Worn here by fellow OKS India Roestenburg (LX 2011-2016) , the show was attended by members of the public and friends of the V&A, with a catwalk compromised of a series of grey doors - like those of Dior's Paris ateliers - which the models snaked in and out of - evoking the traditional Haute Couture Salon presentations of the 1950's.

To see more of Luca's work, check out his website & instagram

Photo Credits V&A Museum

OKS Luca Pawson's (MT 2011-2016) Christian Dior-inspired design selected for V&A 'Fashion in Motion' catwalk show!

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