OKS in This Year's Canterbury Festival

The Canterbury Festival takes place annually in October and celebrates art, music, performance and more in Kent. The festival showcases some of the best local and international talent. 

This year, several of our OKS will be involved in performances at the Canterbury Festival.

OKS Harry Christophers (MR 1967-1972) and OKS Mark Dobell (GL 1987-1992) will be performing as part of the world renowned choir 'The Sixteen' at Canterbury Cathedral on Saturday 19th October. Tickets available here.

OKS Robin Bailey (SH 1999-2004) will sing tenor in a performance by the Canterbury Choral Society titled 'From the New World and the Old' at the Colyer Fergusson, University of Kent on Sunday 27th October. Tickets available here. 

With many events taking place around Canterbury, the King's School grounds also will host several events during the festival.

The King's School sponsors a very special event 'I, Clara.' This brand new show celebrates the life and music of Clara Schumann. This event will take place on Sunday 20th October at Shirley Hall. 

To see the full list of events, please visit the Canterbury Festival website.

With so much going on in Canterbury around this time, and lots of OKS involvement, why not come along and visit the School too! Remember, OKS can visit the School at any time - please contact the OKS Coordinator at oks@kings-school.co.uk to arrange your visit. 

See which OKS are performing in Canterbury this October

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