Saturday 18 September 2021

OKS Family Brain Tumour Charity Challenge

The Carboni Family are raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity. Romilly Carboni (SH 2011-16) sent us this update:

(Left to right: Marius (SH 1975-80), Anna (LN 1978-81), Freddy, Poppy the dog, Niamh (Rom’s girlfriend), Liberty (Jules’ girlfriend), Rom (SH 2011-16) and Jules (SH 2005-10))

My family and I have been doing a challenge since 1st March to raise money and awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity Trust. The Carboni team is the family you see above. It is a particularly important cause for us because of my brother’s illness. Freddy was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 25 in December 2019. After an MRI and subsequent emergency brain biopsy, Fred was told (on Friday the 13 th !) that he had an inoperable brain tumour – a Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma.

Since then, Freddy has undergone 6 weeks of radiotherapy, 12 cycles of chemo treatment, 5 emergency hospitalisations, a back operation to fix a crumbling spine (caused by steroids, a key drug in his regime) and many ups and downs - all during Covid! The 2020-21 lockdown has had an extra layer of challenge for all the family.

Freddy has been off work for over a year, has had to stop driving, and is unable to live on his own. He still cooks when he feels up to it, and he has found Lego to be very therapeutic! But his diagnosis is hugely depressing, and he and we want to raise some money to help fund more research into improving the treatment and outcomes for people living with brain tumours. We also want to know why they happen!

The challenge we have been participating in is our own version of The Brain Tumour Charity’s ‘Conquer the Challenge 2021.’ We are running/cycling/walking/exercising over 882.811 miles collectively in 3 months. This number represents the:

  • 88,000 people living with a brain tumour in the UK
  • £2.8 million The Brain Tumour Charity has invested into the Tessa Jowell BRAIN MATRIX
  • 11,700 diagnosed each year with a brain tumour in the UK


Find out more about the amazing work The Brain Tumour Charity does here:

We completed our challenge well in advance of our deadline. But we are still striving to maximise our distance in order to raise even more money for this vital cause. Click here to see the challenge progress.

Anything you can donate or do to raise more awareness will be appreciated more than you can know. Thank you.

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Learn more about the challenge here

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