Saturday 28 November 2020

OKS Answer 6b Questions About University

Last Friday, we welcomed three OKS to an online Q&A session to share their university experience with current 6b students. The Q&A usually takes place inside the Green Court Marquee prior to King's Week, however, this year we took to Microsoft Teams to offer a similar experience. 

The panel consisted of three 2019 leavers who are just completing their first year of university; Harry Trelawny-Vernon (St. Andrews), Amber De Ruyt (Cambridge) and Alex Choi (KCL).

Al Holland, Head of Sixth Form, took the role of Q&A host and asked the three OKS for their candid advice on University life. From managing student finances to maintaining a social life, every university topic was discussed in detail. 

The overall resounding advice given by all three panelists was to get involved as much as possible by joining societies and continuing activities enjoyed at King's. As Amber observed, 'with university, you get out what you put into it!'

A big thank you to Harry, Amber and Alex for offering their honest and helpful advice!  

You can watch the Q&A below:


If you would like university or careers advice, please contact the OKS office via email:

The recorded Q&A is now available to watch online

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