Mikey Rosato (MT: 1990 - 1995) 

Chief Executive of Women and Children First

Mikey Rosato (MT: 1990-1995) is the Chief Executive of Women and Children First, a UK based NGO that works internationally in mother and child survival. The charity supports some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia, and since 2001, they have reached 12 million people, in 134 counrtries, transformed their health and wellbeing and saved the lives of over 6000 women and children.

Mikey was motivated to pursue a career in the global health field during his time at The King's School, Canterbury by Dr Ron Pickering (Former House Tutor & King’s School Staff). Mikey recalls, “He always went the extra mile – exposing us to concepts and ideas well beyond the A-level Biology curriculum. His teaching was hugely inspirational, challenging us to think about the broader determinants of health, and giving me a strong platform to get to where I am today.”

These experiences inspired Mikey to live in Malawi for 8 years, where he ran a mother and child survival project during the day and studied for a PhD in Global Health at night. The techniques he pioneered in Malawi – community-led approaches to mother and child survival – are keystones behind the work of the charity.

In his current role, Mikey is responsible for overseeing the charity’s strategy and development, as well as providing technical advice on community-based approached to global health. This year he also swam in freezing cold waters off the Scilly Isles in Cornwall to fundraise £2,500 for the charity!

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Mikey after one of his swims

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