Michael Morpurgo (GL 1957-1962) 'Waiting for Anya' Film

Above: Waiting for Anya (2020) Film Poster 

Author, poet and OKS Michael Morpurgo (GL 1957-1962) celebrates another book-to-screen success as his 1990 publication 'Waiting for Anya' has been adapted for the big screen.

The film is set during the Second World War and follows the story of a young shepherd (Jo) who helos to smuggle Jewish children from southern France into Spain. It is a moving story that explores themes of friendship, conflict and compassion. Speaking to the  Jewish News , Morpurgo said that the story is 'more relevant today' than it was when it was published. 

The film is directed by Ben Cookson and stars Anjelica Huston (best known from The Addams Family, 1991) and Noah Schnapp (best known from Netflix's Stranger Things). 

The film was released in the UK on 14th February and is playing in all major cinemas across the UK.


Michael appeared on BBC Radio 2 on 17th February to discuss the film, to listen,  please click here.

Morpurgo's 1990 book has been adapted for the big screen!

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