Maryam Lawal's (LX 2004-2009) Art Exhibition

OKS Maryam Lawal (LX 2004-2009) is holding an art exhibition between 1st - 7th October in London.

Maryam Lawal is the founder of the 'House of African Art' (HAART) and has a lifelong passion for the arts with a particular focus on the artwork from the African continent. Primarily inspired by the burgeoning art scene in Lagos, Nigeria, Lawal aims to give artists from the continent and the diaspora a platform for their work, providing them with greater support and wider recognition. HAART allows collectors to purchase works from early to mid-career artists and currently works with artists originating from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. 

HAART's new exhibition 'Seeing Sounds' is presented alongside a schedule of evening talks, spoken word poetry performances and live music. Exhibiting artists include Dennis Osadebe, Derrick Ofosu Boateng, Euan Roberts and more! 

Images courtesy of the Artist and HAART


The exhibition will take place between 1st - 7th October at Copeland Gallery, Copeland Park, London, SE15 3SN.

For more information on the exhibition, please refer to HAART's website by clicking here.

Maryam hopes to see OKS there! 

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