Saturday 04 April 2020

Malthouse Grand Opening

The Malthouse site, including the Malthouse Theatre, Malthouse Sports Hall and International College, was opened officially on Saturday 16th November.

The Malthouse Sports Hall and International College were opened by Paul Barrett, the High Sheriff of Canterbury. Barrett, who previously owned the land and sold it to King's, described the redevelopment as 'stunning' and explained how the building had been 'saved for another 100 years.' 

He described the facilities as providing a 'fantastic education and enrichment opportunity.'  The Malthouse Sports Hall, for example, is now home to one of the biggest fencing practice halls owned by a School in England. 

After the opening of the Sports Hall and International College, it was actress and comedian, Joanna Lumley OBE's turn to opening the Malthouse Theatre. The Malthouse boasts a 334 seat theatre with a functioning orchestra pit and drama studios. It also contains a dining hall and bar. 

In Joanna's opening speech, she told pupils to make the most of the new 'superb' theatre. She then urged everyone to 'haunt' the Theatre 'with affection and friendliness and talent and love and yay!' 

For more information on the Malthouse Theatre and upcoming performances, please visit the Malthouse Theatre website by clicking here.

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