Making Art Accessible: Tatyana Serraino (BY 2013-15)

OKS Tatyana Kalaydjian Serraino (Bailey House, 2013-2015) is on a mission to make art more accessible with her new project 'About Art.'

Tatyana is an Art Historian with a passion for culture and travel. Having studied Art History at Cambridge University and John Cabot American University, she has combined these passions to create a website and YouTube channel where she talks about art in a way that is accessible, fast, and fresh. Releasing videos and blog posts fortnightly, About Art is ideal for anyone with a basic or high understanding of Art History. 

Take a look at the first two videos below:

' Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers: Everything you need to know!'

'Michelangelo's David: Like you've never seen him before!'

You can visit the 'About Art' blog website by clicking here.

Visit Tatyana's blog to learn something new today

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