Monday 18 November 2019

King's Week Tennis

Above: Some of this year's OKS tennis players

This year, the King's Week tennis matches took place on the new tennis courts at Birley's on Saturday 29th June. A variety of OKS came from across England to compete in matches against the King's School Team. The event was followed by mixed doubles tournament amongst the OKS. 

OKS were then free to socialise and watch the other sports activities across Birley's - including showjumping and cricket.

You can read a report about the day by clicking here.

OKS tennis players: Alice Brett (JR 2011-16), Eliza Brett (JR 2008-13), Emma Bryant (WL 2011-16), Eliza Wallis (WL 2011-16), Olivia Neame (LX 1992-97), Sam Van Der Gaag (SH 2010-15), Hugo Ninham (CY 2011-16), David Curl (MR 1975-79) and Graham Garbis (LN/MR 1972-76).

A big thank you to Alice Brett, Lucy Jones and Rob Harrison for organising the matches! If you would like to get involved next year, please contact the OKS Coordinator!

OKS played against KSC (and the scorching sun!) in the annual tennis match 

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