Tuesday 23 July 2024

King's Week 2024

Tickets on sale now! 

Welcome back to King’s Week and the wealth of events on offer! The theme of this year is to ‘break out of the bubble’ and root the events more in the community. Particularly through the  King’s Mile running race Outside In Fair  and a wider variety of old and young spectators, we’re ready to open this well-kept secret to a local audience.

This year's highlights include: 

• Romeo and Juliet 

• The Government Inspector (JKS play) 

• Cathedral Precincts Tour 

• Hamlet in the Herb Garden

• Thursday Night is Music Night 

• And much more! 

There are also tickets available for all the King's Week favourites such as The Serenade, Jazz on a Summer Sunset and the Gala Symphony Concert. 

Florence Walton (King's Week Manager) hopes to see many OKS over the week! 

Visit the King's Week website to browse all events and book tickets.


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