Thursday 21 October 2021

King's Week 2021


With King's Week 21 beginning on Friday 2nd July, it's time to launch the website and give you a flavour of the week ahead. The website will evolve daily with new galleries and content.

The atmosphere is building with the sound of performers rehearsing wafting across the Green Court and echoing through the Malthouse.

Please take time to enjoy the Art & Photography galleries today before heading over to view the first of seven live-streamed concerts from the Shirley Hall.  Jazz on a Summer Sunset premieres at 7.30pm on Friday 2nd July but as with all our live events is available from that point onwards.

Saturday from 2pm sees the launch of the King's Week 'Islands' where pupils in their year group bubbles can enjoy a host of entertainment and activities across the School campus. The content you see here, including this website, has been created with the help of talented pupil volunteers with a small cohort working tirelessly to bring you the highlights of each day. 

King's Week 21 will be a Week unlike any other, and families, OKS and friends will be missed. However, it promises to be a grand finale for what has been a challenging year!

Click here to launch the KW21 website

KW21 Committee
Greg Hunter, Florence Walton, Jerome Dutton and Rob Harrison

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