Kate Fall (WL 1983-1985) Releases 'The Gatekeeper' Book 

This month, OKS Kate Fall (WL 1983-1985) has released her first book 'The Gatekeeper,' which gives an insider view into the Cameron years.

The name of the book comes from a nickname that Kate was given during her time working with ex-British PM David Cameron. Working as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Kate has been referred to as 'The Gatekeeper.' Sat at a desk directly outside Cameron's office, it was Kate who decided who could, and couldn't, have access to the Prime Minister. She was also successful in keeping him punctual and organised for the duration of his leadership role. 

In a review by the  New Statesman,  the book is well written with 'an eye for human detail and a journalistic sense of what is interesting.' Her depiction of life during the election campaign and inside No. 10 is 'pacy and glamorous.' 

A week after it's release, the  Evening Standard  named 'The Gatekeeper' as book of the week.


The Gatekeeper was released on Thursday 5th March. To purchase your copy, please click here.


Released just a week ago, the book has received great acclaim  

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