Monday 17 January 2022

Hiking the Lantau Loop

An Update from Hong Kong – The Lantau Loop:

Hi! My name is Izzy Snow (Walpole, 2013 - 2018). I am currently doing a degree in Visual Arts at the University of Sydney, remotely from my home on Lantau Island, Hong Kong! Australia has just reopened its borders to international students, so I hope to move to Sydney in February 2022.

Alongside my studies, I have been working for Ark Eden, a Lantau-based eco-education and permaculture organisation. From planting 37,000 native trees since their inception to facilitating children's nature-based holiday camps, Ark Eden works to protect Lantau and its precious biodiversity. 

Earlier this year, I came up with the idea of hiking around the entire coast of Lantau to raise awareness of environmental efforts on Lantau and to raise funds for Ark Eden. The aim was to enable Ark Eden to start running monthly community open days to get the local community more involved with nature and sustainability.

In June 2021, together with my sister, Renata, I hiked 105 km in five days, much of it in heavy subtropical rain. To our delight and astonishment, and thanks to the generosity of our friends and community, we raised a whopping HK$41,000 (more than double our target!). As of December 2021, Ark Eden has just hosted their first community day. Including a variety of activities, such as children's nature-based play, sustainable cooking, tree maintenance, and more, it was a success and we look forward to many more such days in the year to come.

The ‘Lantau Loop’ hike was certainly eventful! We enjoyed a variety of landscapes – beaches, hills, mangroves, and traditional Chinese villages. Unfortunately, we were plagued by rain each day, including the worst typhoon of the year, which led to us getting stuck in a shopping mall on the morning of Day 4 and caught on a mountain in a thunderstorm on Day 5! Despite being repeatedly drenched, we had an unforgettable time. We were able to experience new corners of the island we grew up on, which further deepened our appreciation not only for Lantau Island, but for the natural world overall.

Viewing so many of Lantau's landscapes in 5 days really brought home to us how special this island is and how many different habitats, plants, and animals it supports. We saw some incredible nature but also sadly litter and pollution. This was a humbling reminder that we all must do our bit to protect what we have, for now, and for future generations. Thank you again to our generous supporters, and have a happy and healthy 2022! 

Photo credit: Jonette Dimblad.

Izzy's fundraiser is now closed, but you can learn more and support Ark Eden by clicking here.

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