George Coltart (MR 1999-2004) to Sing in Concert of Remembrance

OKS George Coltart (MR 1999-2004) will be singing at Westgate Hall in Canterbury on Sunday 17th November.

George will be singing music from the WWI Ruhleben Internment Camp in Germany. You can read more about the Ruhleben Internment camp by clicking here.

The music from the camp has never been performed outside of the camp, and it will also be the first time it has been recorded. A recording will, therefore, be sent to the British Library and the Brotherton Library at Leeds University (which contains the Liddle Collection of Ruhleben Archive Material). 

Songs by Bainton, Keel and Roland Bocquet. David Newsholme will also be accompanying. 

The concert is free to attend and starts at 6pm on Saturday 17th November.

If you would like more information, please email to be put in touch with George.


Tickets to the concert in Canterbury are free to all

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