Geoff Cocksworth announced as Founding Executive Principal of The King's School International, Shenzhen

The King's School is delighted to announce that Geoff Cocksworth will be the Founding Executive Principal of King's International in Shenzhen from September 2019. Geoff, who was an oustanding Deputy Head (Academic) at King's before he took on the role of International Director for us, knows King's inside and out, and will be an inspiring and highly successful Head of our new School in that exciting and dynamic region of China. The setting up of the Kindergarten and Pre-Prep, which opens in this September (2019) and the same with the Senior School, which will open its doors the following September, have very much been his ‘baby’ and he has developed an excellent and certain future for our School in Shenzhen.

In the meantime, Geoff continues to develop and oversee the International College in Canterbury as that happy and settled new branch of the King’s family gets ready to move to its super new buildings on the Malthouse site and continues to develop our impressive network of educational and commercial connections for King’s on the global stage.

“It is a great honour and privilege to be responsible for the safe delivery and running of the King’s School in Shenzhen, just as it has been to have been a small part of the history of this great school in Canterbury. Modern Shenzhen, often labelled the world’s ‘skyscraper capital’, has a history of about forty years. It couldn’t be more removed from Canterbury, yet King’s will reinvent itself in this very different environment and culture. I look forward to establishing many vibrant links between the schools. We shall all benefit from working together, just as we already are on the development of the project.
I leave the International College in Canterbury in the safe and inspirational hands of Bill and Jo Prior. When it finally moves into its new accommodation, I am sure it will go from strength to strength. The same is true, of course, for King’s and Junior King’s.
These are exciting times in education, but what matters most is the way a school looks after its pupils. Nowhere does this better than King’s in Canterbury and, of course, I hope in Shenzhen.” 

– Geoff Cocksworth

Geoff, currently International Director at KSC, will take on the role from September 2019. 

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