From Banker to Shoemaker: Dominic Price (GR/BR 1973-1978)

Dominic Price first arrived at King's in 1973. However, it was in 1884 that his connection with King's began. His great grandfather, William Price, had taught at the School for over 40 years and during this time, his sons and nephews were educated at King's. Later on, his grandsons and great-grandsons would all be educated at King's.

In the latest edition of the OKS Magazine, Dominic tells us how he returned to his early interest in art and design after a career in bond trading. A 'banker by accident, shoemaker by inclination,' Dominic is now located in Vietnam and runs a successful shoe business. To read Dominic's article, please use the link below.


The Spring Edition of the OKS Magazine came out in late March 2020. To receive a physical copy, please email us:

Read Dominic's OKS Magazine article here

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