Escaping the Easterlands by Annabel Gray (MR 2003-2008)

OKS Annabel Gray (MR 2003-2008) is delighted to have published her first book 'Escaping the Easterlands.' 

Having grown up with her family on the British seaside, Annabel has always loved being outside, battling the elements. If she isn't on the water sailing, you can find her riding her bike along the promenade or being overly competitive on the tennis court! Annabel currently lives in London and her bookshelves overflow with fantasy and adventure novels.

'Escaping the Easterlands' reflects Annabel's thirst for a challenge and her love for the great outdoors. The plot follows two mischievous girls seeking adventure and freedom on an island seized by invaders. 

You can order and read the novel on Amazon by clicking here. 

Annabel's first novel is out now!

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