Charlotte Mitchell's Sailing Adventure

Charlotte Mitchell (Bailey House, 2002-04) will embark on an epic sailing adventure from the Philippines to Seattle as part of the Clipper Race this March.

In March and April, 11 boats will spend over a month racing across the mighty North Pacific. Charlotte will be one of a crew of 16 on board the 70' yacht WTC Logistics. 

Charlotte says: "I'm so excited but it's going to be a mega physical challenge too - waves the size of tower blocks, only four consecutive hours' sleep per night, very basic living conditions and freezing cold. Ok that's not selling it, but I'm really looking forward to experiencing the world's biggest ocean and honing my sailing skills with a wonderful bunch of people."

Charlotte has been in the Philippines doing boat preparation since 22 February and on 7 March, sailed out for six days of training. After some final shore-based prep, she will head off into the Luzon Straits on 20 March and the race will begin on 24 March! 

Charlotte will be documenting her journey on Instagram - follow her @chalamacmitch

You can follow Charlotte's progress by clicking here.

Update 11/05/2022: Charlotte's boat arrived into Seattle on 24 April and her boat, WTC Logistics, won the race! 

You can encourage Charlotte on her journey by donating to her Just Giving page. All donations will go towards UNICEF UK, Jessie's Fund and the RNLI. Donate here.

From the Philippines to Seattle

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