Sunday 23 June 2024

Bright the Vision 

"Edward Thring, Headmaster of Uppingham School, encouraged his privileged boys to remember the plight of the poor and to assist them through charitable donation and direct action. They responded by founding a public school mission in 1870, at North Woolwich in London’s East End. Over the course of the next 40 years, many more schools and two universities followed this example."

A new book has been published about public school missions from the Victorian Age. The King's School, Canterbury is featured, with a chapter written by Peter Henderson (Archivist and Former Teacher at King's). 

The book was also reviewed in the Church Times by former Headmaster, Anthony Phillips. You can read Anthony's review here.

Bright the Vision is available now and can be ordered online and at Waterstones.

Published: Tuesday 23 January 2024
A new book featuring King's

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