Wednesday 19 June 2019

A Level Results 2018

The talented and gregarious 6a Leavers from The King’s School, Canterbury have underlined their excellent all-round contribution to the arts, the sport and the community life of the School by landing a strong set of ‘A’ Level and Pre-U results on the academic side of things.

To the sense of a well-rounded education over the course of their King’s career, can now be added the academic passport to an appealing range of high quality universities and a renaissance spread of worthwhile courses. For some, this will be after a Gap Year, spent perhaps volunteering abroad or gaining valuable experience of the ‘real world’; for others, it will be following an Art Foundation course or a Music diploma.

For the majority though, university life will begin this autumn, 150 in the UK and 15 in the USA.The encouraging number of Oxbridge offers (over 20) and the strong group going on to ICL, LSE and UCL secured their offers.

Many congratulations, then, to this bright and well-grounded group who we we are pleased to welcome into the OKS fold! We look forward to seeing you at many events over the years to come!  

Congratulations to all our new OKS, who today received their A Level Results! 

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