Monday 19 April 2021

OKS Jazz @ The 606 Club 

On the evening of May 3rd some of the ‘crème de la crème’ of OKS jazz musicians gathered at the 606 club in Chelsea to give us a sublime night of Jazz.

The first set was led by pianist John G Smith (WL 1976-1981) , who started his career playing with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and the award winning band Roadside Picnic, before gravitating to the West End where he has performed and conducted many shows, in fact, coming straight from the musical ‘Tina Turner’ to perform. He was joined on the Bass by Jon Cox (TR 1994 – 1999) , Ed Sheeran’s go to bassist, and Tim Weller (TR 1983-88)  on drums, who has played with artists, on films soundtracks and in the West End!  The trio played effortlessly, and their set saw a rendition of ‘Always a Women to Me’ which John G Smith dedicated to his school crush ‘Fiona from my A Level Biology Class’, along with John’s own composition ‘I Need to Think It Over’. They rounded off the first half with a superb cover of Randy Newman’s classic ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’.

The second set was led by Robbie Ellison (TR 2010 – 2015), who is part of a new generation of jazz musicians coming up through the UK scene in the swinging tradition of jazz music. He was joined by Jake Werth (MR 2013 – 2015) on piano, with whom he has a band ‘Jessop Jessop Jessop’ and Hector Page (CY 2006 – 2008) on Double Bass. They were joined by Dimitri Gripari (SH 2008 – 2013) and India Roestenburg (LX 2011 – 2016 ) as vocalists, together performing a stellar version of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Taking a Chance on Love’, whilst also performing solo numbers. Director of Music, Will Bersey , also took to the stage with his Double Bass, performing ‘Beautiful Love’ with India, Robbie & Jake – a track India and Will had previously recorded. The second set surely went out with a bang!

What was apparent throughout both sets was the joy that our OKS musicians took in performing – it was indeed a delight to watch, and to listen to! 

We hope you will join us in 2020, when we’re back for another session! But for now, check out the videos below from the evening!