Sunday 23 June 2024


Welcome to the Music section of the OKS website and especially to all OKS musicians who have been involved in the joy of music-making at King's over the past few decades!

The OKS plan a minimum of one big music event each year to attract and include as many OKS musicians  as possible, either in performing or simply enjoying being reunited with former friends and choir members  or orchestral players. Recent events have included Evensongs in Canterbury Cathedral, Jazz Evenings at the 606 Club, and Choral and Orchestral Concerts in Shirley Hall. OKS are, of course, always very welcome to attend the many concerts that take place at the School.



King's School Concerts

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The School regularly put on concerts in the Shirley Hall and Cathedral. OKS are always welcome to come along!

OKS Choir at Brahms Requiem

Friday 15 March 2024 

 OKS are invited to join the School choir at the next Choral Concert. Click the events tab to find out more.