Saturday 27 February 2021

OKS King's Talk: Angus Barry


Thursday 25th February 2021, 7:45 pm


Online via Zoom

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"Corruption and Money Laundering: How to steal a billion pounds and almost get away with it"

In the 1990s a pair of British boarding school students formed an unremarkable friendship. Two decades later, a corruption scandal engulfed Malaysia; billions had been stolen from the poorest Malaysians. A remarkable team of journalists uncovered links to Leonardo di Caprio, Chinese intelligence services, Paris Hilton, Goldman Sachs, and fake British coppers. The story took a darker turn, bringing Malaysia's democracy to the brink of collapse.

In his talk, Angus will discuss how the international financial system facilitated such grand corruption, and routes to reform. After graduating from Grange House and his political science degree, Angus joined the Civil Service. He currently works on the Foreign Office's Global Anti-Corruption Programme.  If students are interested, he would be happy to talk about the Civil Service as a career option during questions.


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