Tuesday 21 May 2019

OKS Careers Day 2018


Friday 22nd June 2018 1.30pm-6pm


The King's School, Canterbury

Calling all OKS to come along and share your experience of the world of work with the 6b pupils here at King's. We are looking for anyone, at any point in their career to talk about their work-based choices post-school and their current profession.  

We have changed the format slightly this year and so the day will not start until after lunch. The afternoon will begin with four 30 minute group sessions with other OKS working in a similar field and  6b pupils. The second part will be the OKS Careers Fair. Everything will take place on-site at the school and largely in and around 'Chums' ( the new Pupil Social Centre under the Shirley Hall). We will all finish in the marquee on Green Court. There will be internet access, computers and projectors available to all OKS should they wish to use them. The OKS Careers Rep Matthew Townshend (LN 1974-1979) will also be present on the day.

If you have any further questions, please email us.


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