Saturday 16 February 2019

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Networking Events

The OKS Association offers a series of OKS Networking Events for specific sectors and industries.

These aim to promote peer to peer networking and also encourage younger OKS, perhaps still at University or recently graduated, to socialise and network with older OKS who may have many years experience within their industry. Current pupils from the sixth form are also invited to these events, helping them to decide which university courses to choose and the most productive co-curricular activities to undertake which will help them gain access to the industry when they graduate.

The next OKS Networking Event


Past Events

OKS Real Estate Networking Evening, JonesLangLaSalle, W1B 5NH 

26th march 2014

Hosted by Andrew Hynard (LX 1973-1976), Director Capital Markets at JonesLangLaSalle.


OKS Entrepreneurs' Networking Evening, The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington

11th october 2013

Guest Speaker, Dinesh Dhamija (GR 1968-1969) Founder of 

OKS Financial Sectors Networking Dinner, The Cholmondeley Room, The House of Lords

18th october 2012

After-dinner speaker, Lord Powell of Bayswater KCMG (GL 1955-60). 


OKS Military Networking Dinner, London Scottish Regiment's Headquarters, Westminster

26th january 2012

After-dinner speaker: Air Chief Marshall Sir John Day (WL 1961-64).

OKS Legal Networking Dinner, The Travellers Club

9th june 2011

After-dinner speaker: His Honour Judge Anthony Hughes (LN 1967-71). 




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