Friday 15 January 2021

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King's Talks

Extra-curricular talks are a strong tradition at King's. From political lectures to career talks, the School delivers a range of inspiring and interesting talks for pupils from experts in their field. The OKS Association has gained a regular slot for these talks and we are excited to be hosting OKS speakers via Zoom. If you would like to give a talk please get in touch:

Upcoming talks

For more information on upcomnig talks, please visit the 'events' tab.


aSHITHA nAGESH (MT 2003-08)

Ashitha is an award-winning journalist with BBC News online, who has spent her career so far telling the stories of people who are typically under-represented in mainstream media.

Pip Durell (BR 2005-10)

Pip Durell is the founder of the fashion brand 'With Nothing Underneath'. In this King's Talk, Pip talks about her career in the fashion industry, from publishing to production.


Miriam Lwanga (WL 1990-95)

Miriam Lwanga was the first female Captain of School. In her King's Talk, she speaks about her experience at King's and the work she has done in Uganda with UNICEF since.


Paddy Loughman (GL 1999-04)

Paddy Loughman is an independent strategist and speaker. In this King's Talk, Paddy speaks about the climate change crisis and why action is needed.


Nathan Hudson-Peacock (MR 2005-10)

Nathan Hudson-Peacock spoke about his experience as an NHS doctor during Covid-19 and his work as an Expedition Medic. He also shared some thoughts that might help us all cope in a world that is both simultaneously more connected, yet more isolated than ever.


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