Saturday 26 September 2020


The OKS Association has over 10,000 international members - we're here to help you from the minute you leave King's. 

Careers advice and the provision of related information are at the forefront of the OKS Association. We have, over recent years, considerably extended our network of OKS prepared to provide assistance and guidance to other OKS at every step on the career ladder. We believe that OKS Careers is fundamental to helping the OKS become a class-leading worldwide network for Alumni. Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we believe that there will always be an OKS to whom you can turn for career advice.


How can I get careers help?

There are many ways in which we can offer you career help and advice. OKS are welcome to get in contact with us with any career-related query. We'll then search our database of OKS and forward them a message, putting you in contact with someone in the area you're interested in. From here, you can network and ask for advice first-hand from that OKS. We have a really diverse network - so whether you're interested in banking, law, or something a little more unusual - we'll find someone who can help.  

You can also join our private OKS LinkedIn group and share a post on there asking other OKS for advice. People have done this previously and been able to arrange coffee meetings with others and formed networking relationships.