Saturday 26 September 2020

About Us

Welcome to the OKS website!

This website is the platform for the OKS Association and its many and varied activities.  We are continuing to develop the site to improve its effectiveness as the principal point of contact and information for OKS across the world.

The site is part of renewed efforts by the Association to expand its sphere of activity and to make itself more relevant to its 10,500 members, both former pupils and staff.

We welcome your feedback on the site and are always keen to hear news of your activities and experiences as well as those of contemporaries with whom you are in touch.  Please let us know, too, if you would like to become actively involved with  OKS events , whether sporting, musical, career-related or social, by getting in touch with one of our principal contacts .

The OKS Association

OKS are a very important part of the School and play a vital role in its development.  As visitors, parents, staff, lecturers or governors, OKS always enjoy a very warm welcome at the School and contribute to the sense of community which makes King's such a special place.

The OKS Association exists to help its members stay in touch with each other and the School.  It enjoys an active, close and mutually supportive relationship with the School, the Foundation and the King's Society and is therefore able to provide a powerful forum for contact, advice and information for all OKS as well as being a conduit through which alumni can support the School in its work.

The OKS Association was founded in 1928 but it represents the continuation of much older bodies, such as the eighteenth century Feast Society.  Today the Association has over 10,000 members across the globe.

Our mission is to actively support the School and its past, current and future pupils, staff and parents with an inclusive and caring approach, providing contact and advice through a number of dynamic activities.

The Association is always delighted to hear from its members, so if you have news, a request for information, or would like to support the OKS in its activities, please get in touch with one of our   principal contacts .